Many world leaders throughout history have become synonymous with their haircuts. Hitler’s slick black hair and toothbrush mustache became one of the most fearsome looks of the 20th century, and rarely a day goes by without Trump’s combover hitting the headlines.

While world leaders certainly have had some stand-out looks over the years, few have had truly unique haircuts. I mean, what would Putin look like with a man bun? And could Obama rock salt ‘n’ pepper dreads like a Rastafarian? These are questions that need answers.

Ever fantasized about messing up Trump’s combover? Check out the video below to see it happen for real!

Thankfully, photoshop exists, and now we will never again have to wonder what world leaders would look like if they had very different haircuts. So, without further ado, here are 19 pictures that are guaranteed to forever change how you see these famous faces:

1. How do you make Putin look like a rocker? 

You give him a man bun, of course!

2. High Sparrow from Game of Thrones, is that you?

Oh. It’s the leader of the free world. My bad.

3. God save the glorious Queen!

Erm, your Majesty? Yeah, I think you should invest in a wig before Harry’s wedding.