Photography is undeniably one of the most impressive and meaningful tools invented in our modern world. The ability to capture a moment right then and there is incomparable and simply spectacular.

However, we now live in a digital world where photos are manipulated to such an extent that often they don’t capture the moment as it really happened.

Rarely do photos taken in this modern age remain exactly as they are without any kind of retouching or filtering.

And with pretty much everyone on the planet having either a Snapchat or Instagram account, it’s not just professional photography that relies on special effects.

Learn how to turn a photograph into a painting:

However, professional photography is definitely the frontrunner when it comes to making photos look heaps more majestic than they actually are.

Photos are modified with modern editing tools like Photoshop, taking away from their natural simplicity, but in turn making for an extraordinary picture.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some the world’s most beautiful photographs that are actually just one big lie. These stunning photographs will be accompanied by photos of what the set actually looked like before it was digitally modified.

1. To create this historical scene, mini cars were used

The deception is real.

2. I guess it’s fairly clever

Still a lie though.