Meghan Markle is all set to wed Prince Harry at the Royal event of the year on May 19. That’s only one week away! The exclusive guest list has been finalized, the immaculate decor arranged, and the lavish dinner planned. All that’s left is for the former actress to walk down the aisle.

The whole affair will be quite regal, as Royal events always are, and of course, Miss Markle has been transforming herself to fit in with her new extended family and to adapt to Royal life. Gone are the flashy Hollywood outfits. Now, she appears quite conservative and demure.

Check out the video below to see Meghan’s ex in Scary Movie 3: 

Perhaps that’s why she’s wanted to hide the fact that she’s previously dated an adult movie star. Yes, just days before Megan is set to become a Royal, a laundry list of her ex-boyfriends has appeared online and there are a few of them who she would probably rather forget.

Most notable is a man named Simon Rex. He is now a 43-year-old comedian and rapper who goes by the stage name Dirt Nasty. However, he got his start in the industry performing in adult videos. Rex even claims to have won an award for the Best Gay Solo Video in 1997.

While he no longer acts in adult flicks, his Twitter account is still filled with embarrassing half-naked photos and crude sexual jokes. His biggest claim to fame was a role in Scary Movie 3, but at the time he met Meghan, he was primarily a model for some big brands.