There are so many iconic and internationally recognized faces out there. It doesn’t matter whether they’re historical, fictional, or from one of our favorite TV shows. And everyone has at least one high-profile figure that they wish they could look like.

But while you might hear of obsessed fans spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery in order to look exactly like their idol, such measures are probably a tad bit too extreme for the average person to go to.

On Sunday, Yuya He, a beauty blogger based in south-west China astonished her followers after she filmed her transformation into the Mona Lisa:

But what if you could turn yourself into someone you and millions of people around the world admired using just makeup?

Well, that’s exactly what a talented woman by the name of Yuya He did.


She then uploaded the impressive video, which saw her recreate the Leonardo da Vinci work of art, the Mona Lisa, on her Miaopai video channel.