A 23-year-old model has been mauled so severely by a Pit Bull that she says she “could feel her nose hanging off” and was left looking “like the joker”. Suzel Mackintosh had to spend a week in the hospital and underwent reconstructive plastic surgery on her face after the New Year’s Eve attack.

Mackintosh had been visiting friends in south-west Australia for a camping trip in the remote Pemberton area. She says she and her friends had played with the dog during the day and then placed it in a vehicle overnight.

To see how great Mackintosh looks now that she’s recovered from the attack, check out the video below:

“I went to get something from the car and it jumped on my face. I did nothing to provoke it,” Mackintosh claimed. “I patted the dog and it just went for me. I fell back and I could feel my nose hanging off.”

Mackintosh was rushed to the hospital, but despite doctor’s best efforts, she was left with permanent damage to her face. Aside from scarring, she now finds it difficult to lift her upper lip due to muscle damage.

The young up-and-comer thought her dreams of becoming a professional model were over, and she entered a deep depression. She reveals that she even contemplated “not being around anymore.”