Teaching children from a young age about the importance of consent is, well, very important.

That said, many feel one woman is going way too far in trying to make this happen. Sexual consent expert Deanna Carson wants kids to understand what consent means as well, but she wants these types of lessons to start at an age when they can’t understand much of anything — when they’re still wearing diapers.

Now Carson is making headlines and creating quite the stir for what some are calling a crazy suggestion. She says parents should “ask” their baby’s permission before changing their diaper. Really.

Obviously, your first response, like many others, is that babies can’t understand a single word you say to them, let alone give consent.

However, it became apparent that her real point wasn’t to elicit a response; rather, it is supposed to instill a sense in the child that their response is an important one and is supposed to give them a greater autonomy over their bodies when they’re older.

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