For 12 years, Saundra Crockett has tried to conceal the truth about her past, the issue is that the mother-of-three has a lot to hide.

Saundra’s story starts when she was just a child, experiencing domestic abuse for the first time at the hands of her violent father.

By the time she was a teenager, Saundra was living on the streets and abusing drugs to help her cope with the trauma she’d tragically experienced in her developing years.

Then her turbulent life found some stability when she married the man of her dreams. Together they had two children and for the first time in her turbulent, Saundra felt at ease.

Then, on the day of her 28th birthday, she came home to find her husband in bed with another woman. She was understandably distraught and told her husband how she felt. But rather than listen, he hit her so hard that he’d leave her disfigured.

This moment totally transformed Saundra’s life, in fact, doctors initially thought she wouldn’t survive the attack. But she did, and now she’s ready to tell her story…

Listen to Saundra’s remarkable story here and see her reveal her new face after 12 years hiding behind a mask…

For 12 years, Saundra wore a mask to hide her disfigured face from her children, who were terrified of her appearance. In fact, her two-year-old son was so scared of Saundra’s face that he refused to go near her.

She divorced her abusive husband and tried to move on with her life, but the trauma of her ordeal and the extent of her injuries made it difficult for her to live an ordinary life.

So, Saundra turned to drugs to cope. During this downward spiral, she had a third child through a new relationship, but that wasn’t enough to stop her from hitting “rock bottom.”

Eventually, all three of her children and her home were taken away from her as her situation became stricken.

Now, Saundra has found a way to cope due to her newfound connection with God and the miracles of plastic surgery which has been able to restore her face.

There is no doubt that her haunting experience must still deeply affect her, but Saundra is certainly fighting back this time.