Televised games and sports events can get rowdy pretty quickly, as excitement and friendly competition soon escalate into aggressive passion. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for unruly fans to throw things left, right and center, thereby causing a disruption.

But what you wouldn’t expect to be thrown during a game is a grenade…

However, that’s exactly what happened during a basketball game when an enraged Maccabi Tel Aviv fan decided to throw a grenade at Hapoel Jerusalem fans on Sunday night:

Fans and players heard a loud, unexpected and horrifying noise in one part of the court, with smoke promptly emerging afterward.

Needless to say, everyone in the arena were shocked by the sudden, unprovoked attack and total and utter chaos soon erupts.

Sounds of screaming can be heard and it is clear that everyone is confusion as to what has just happened.

The violent attack occurred almost a minute and a half before the end of the game, with HaPoel Jerusalem leading Hapoel Holon 94 to 89, and ended up critically injuring the security guard.

The medics immediately start tending to the wounded security guard, however, upon reviewing footage of the incident, it’s clear that the man is not just a victim but also a hero.

Just seconds before the explosion, he picks up the grenade and tries to run off the court, however, it was too late.

In the footage, the security guard can be seen writhing on the floor in excruciating pain, and against all odds, the brave man manages to survive.

Unfortunately, he did lose two fingers in the attack, but he saved countless lives of fans in the arena.

Following the incident, the young fan was arrested and taken in for questioning alongside his two friends, who were then released when the suspect confessed to throwing the grenade.

After a police investigation was launched, it emerged that the young man bought the grenade for NIS 80 (US $22) in Kfar Kassem.

He had already explained to his two friends that he intended to set off the grenade during the game and told them to watch it so they could witness it for themselves.

The perpetrator was later indicted at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court and banned from basketball games until January 7, 2013, or three full seasons.

We want to thank the fearless security for his dedication and selflessness – if there were more people like him, the world would be a much safer place.