There are few places on this planet that captivate the public’s interest quite as compellingly as Alcatraz Island. Based just off the coast of San Fransisco in California, the small island is most famous for its now abandoned federal prison, which housed some of the world’s most notorious criminals, such as Al Capone and George ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly.

Despite its island base, there was nothing idyllic about the location. In fact, legend has it that Alcatraz Island is the most haunted place in America.

Overwhelmed by federal facilities and cut off from the outside world, it’s easy to see why Alcatraz Island was feared by even the most renowned career criminals.

But whilst the mere idea of the island had mass murderers quaking in their blood embellished boots, it didn’t so much as raise a shiver with Mary and Jean Comerford, who spent 13 years living on the island with their parents and elder sister, Carol.

The Comerford family made the brave decision to move to from The Bronx in New York City to Alcatraz after the girls’ father became a correctional officer at the high-security prison on the island.