There are certain life-changing events which only a few people have the capacity to recover from. For most, the thought of losing your face in your early twenties would be a complete nightmare, but that was exactly what happened to Dallas Wiens at the age of 23.

The shocking incident – which not only left him faceless but blind – happened when he was painting a church in 2008 and accidentally made contact with a high voltage line. He was immediately rushed to a hospital where doctors worked tirelessly for 38 hours to save his life.

While such injuries might cause most people to give up on life, Dallas has a reason to fight: his daughter Scarlette. After the accident, he was worried that she would be frightened of his appearance, but he knew he was going to make it when she still treated him like her dad.


After the accident, Dallas had to spend two and a half years without a face.

But his life changed forever in 2011 when he became the first American to receive a full face transplant from an anonymous donor.

Speaking about how his new face has changed his life, Dallas said, “It’s an amazing experience to be able just to feel [my daughter’s] kiss again after two and a half years of having no feeling whatsoever in my face.”