Since it began, all the way back in 1991, The Jerry Springer Show has built up a rather, well, unique reputation. The controversial talk show revolves around on pretty outrageously sensationalist topics with the aim of getting the audience riled up, along with the viewers at home.

The subject of cheating has always been a fan favorite on the show because it never fails to erupt in vitriolic drama between two parties, hell sometimes even more than two parties.

In fact, in a recent episode of The Jerry Springer Show, one of the most ludicrously unfaithful love triangles made an appearance:

It was revealed that a guy’s girlfriend, called Harley, fooled around with her therapist and friend, Raven.

Then in the most Jerry Springeresque way, Raven comes on and goes in for a passionate kiss with Harley, the woman whose boyfriend is right there with her. Harley’s boyfriend just stares at the pair with clear disgust in his eyes while shaking his head.

“You make me happy. I think we should, you know, be a thing,” Harley says while pointing at Raven.Raven responds by clenching his teeth as though he has something to get off his chest. Clearly, she isn’t the only one with a revelation to make.

“Harley, you know that what we have is something very special, you know we’ve known each other for a long time,” Raven tells her. “You know, like, you support me more than anybody I’ve ever met, especially with my music. Like, I, I do appreciate you as a friend but I got something to tell you.”

He then reveals this massive bombshell.

The audience immediately responds by erupting into fits of laughter, excitement, and shock.

And the animated response from viewers didn’t there. The clip was then posted on the show’s Facebook page and the comment section was filled with people expressing their disbelief at what had happened.

Yes, despite the fact that this show has been on the air for literally decades, people are still very shocked by the outcome of certain scandalous episodes.

Oh, how our love of all things reality TV continues to rage on…