I have never been to a graduation ceremony, but from what I have seen in the movies, it would appear that they are just an elaborate excuse for parents to scream and applaud their intelligent offspring.

So when the crowd at Pepperdine University’s graduation ceremony began to scream, nobody thought anything of it. But then it got louder and suddenly people realized something was very wrong…

Watch the video to see the ceremony turn into chaos after several uninvited guests make a surprise appearance…

The college, situated on the picturesque Californian coastline, just a stone’s throw away from the trendy Calabasas neighborhood which the Kardashians call home, boasts a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. But with this exclusive scenery comes a rather sinister catch…

The catch being wayward and rather volatile birds. This was something that the class of 2018 learned the hard way when angry pelicans decided to descend onto their ceremony creating comical chaos.

The pelicans clearly had a motive in mind as they landed directly on top of the graduate’s families. With no awareness for personal space, they descend haphazardly in an attempt to cause maximum damage.

Of course, the screams of the audience only encourage the belligerent birds, who by this point must be mildly frightened despite their feisty demeanors.

Despite intense efforts not to be captured, the birds are eventually detained by the onsite security who look severely bemused to be reprimanding something so small – after all, their training didn’t prepare them for this!

Remaining professional, the security team manages to tame the birds and keep them away from the proceedings whilst students continue to flock through and collect their diplomas.

The amusing moment was caught on camera by a professional who was hired to capture the students as they collected their accolades, which help make it a truly cinematic experience!

The whole incident certainly added an unexpected element to the day. If it wasn’t already one of the most unforgettable days in the student’s lives, then it will be now!

Maybe next year Pepperdine University will invest in some pelican proofing? Or, maybe they’ll consider changing their mascot for an irate bird!