In 2018, there are endless ways in which to find a potential partner. For example, if you can’t find an eligible partner on a night out in a bar then there is always dating apps such as Tinder there to help. Or, you could take inspiration from Shauna Cleary who found a lover at work.

Of course, dating someone from work comes with many complications. For example, if they are your superior then there are many ethical questions which need to be raised about the nature of the relationship. Equally, if they are your inferior then this sparks a similar line of questioning.

So when 25-year-old Cleary began a romantic relationship with Kurt Jarman, it was inevitably going to raise a great deal of discussion given that Kurt was very much below Cleary in the workplace pecking order.

You may be thinking that this is irrelevant if they truly love one another, but the issue is that Kurt Jarman is a very “dangerous” prisoner being held at Her Majesty’s Prison Parc in Wales.