Almost everyone who has ever lived has wanted to do something special with their life. Whether it’s writing a novel, being the first person to step foot on Mars, or, as is the case for 64-year-old Don Gorske, eating the most Big Macs in history.

The Wisconsin native is the world-record holder for having eaten the most Big Macs ever, consuming 30,000 of the McDonald’s staple since 1972. However, what makes Gorske’s story truly extraordinary is the effects it’s had on his health.

In the video below, Gorske explains how his Big Mac obsession started:

Hailing from a poor family, Gorske revealed that when he was a child, having a hamburger was a great treat. He told his mother that when he was older he was going to eat hamburgers all the time, and, in his opinion, the Big Mac is the best.

After devouring his first Big Mac in 1972, as the video above demonstrates, a monster was born. However, despite his love of the 563-calorie fatty burger, his size is, well, a lot smaller than what you’d probably imagine.

What makes Gorske’s physique even more shocking is that he doesn’t eat much apart from Big Macs. He said that his wife insists he eats a fruity yogurt once a day so that his diet has a little more variety, and he admits to occasionally having fries too.

He also only drinks Coca-Cola, as only you do at Maccy D’s.

In a nutshell, he’s a doctor and a dentist’s worst nightmare.