The scary thing about plastic surgery – aside from the fact that the industry basically capitalizes on people’s insecurities and self-esteem issues – is that there is a definite risk that it could all go wrong. And a procedure “going wrong” could be anything from not liking the aesthetics of the end result, to serious medical conditions which stem from the surgery.

Unfortunately, plastic surgery is also very addictive for people who have had a real desire to change their bodies from a young age. Few people know better than 28-year-old Star Delguidice what this is like. The plastic surgery addict appeared on British daytime show, This Morning, and talked about the regret she feels after more than a decade of incessant surgeries.

Watch Star’s very odd appearance on This Morning:

The bizarre thing is she had to do the entire interview standing up simply because she was incapable of sitting down.

According to reports, Star, who is from Birmingham, England, has spent $28,000 on plastic surgery. However, she now wants her butt implants removed because they are “too big” and too impractical.