In 2018, there has been a strong focus on inclusivity and acceptance. Be it the LGBTQ+ community, different cultures, the various body positivity groups on Instagram, or those who make particularly peculiar lifestyle decisions, such as body modifications.

However, one movement that is failing to gain the understanding that it perhaps deserves is #HusbandNotDad, a campaign that was recently launched to raise awareness for couples who have a large age gap.

The term was first coined on Twitter by Vann Thornton, a schoolteacher from Statesboro, Georgia who was growing tired of answering the same questions about his relationship Courtney, who is 34 years his junior.

As well as highlighting the issue, Thornton also wants to change the public’s perception of high age gap couples.

He hopes to educate the world that young girls aren’t only interested in older men for their money and that men of a certain age aren’t only attracted to younger girls for less than honorable reasons.

Explaining his inspiration for the project, Thorton wrote on his blog:

“One day we were on a trip and stopped a local peach stand in Middle Georgia … I went to the restroom and she wanted peach ice cream. While in the checkout line I handed her my card to pay and the cashier said, ‘How nice, your daddy’s paying!’ Now, this scenario happens about once a week in our lives.  Sometimes we play it to our advantage … This day I looked at Courtney and quipped through my clenched teeth, ‘Hashtag HUSBANDNOTDAD!’.”