Confidence is something which we all struggle with from time to time. As J.K. Rowling famously said, “it’s impossible to live without failing at something, and failures in life can often take their toll on how we feel about ourselves.”

But it’s not just failure that can affect our confidence, our appearances can influence it too, and there are certain things which are completely out of our control, like our size, something which 25-year-old Asta Young knows all too well.

Check out the video below to discover how cosplay gives her confidence:

“As a kid, I knew that I was different,” Atsa, who lives in Arizona with her husband Ty, explained. “I was trying too hard to fit in. When I should have just focused on, y’know, I’m here to stand out so I might as well stand out.”

Asta, who works as an artist, revealed that she was never formally diagnosed with dwarfism. “My parents just always said, ‘Hey, you were born small,'” she said.

“I was picked on as a kid. I would always get made fun of [for] my little legs and that affected my confidence a lot.”

“I remember I used to go home crying, [but] the difference between then and now is just mostly the fact that I’m a lot happier.”