Like many people out there, I hate flying.

Up until last year, I hadn’t been on a plane for 10 years, for the main reason that I couldn’t bring myself to die in a plane crash. (Obviously, I know that’s highly unlikely, but when you’re terrified of flying, that’s all you think is going to happen.)

Whenever my fiancée would ask to go away on vacation, I would always make excuses about money and convince her to go somewhere we can drive to. But, last year I found the courage to board a plane and crushed her hand after squeezing it so tight. I also had an anxiety attack mid-flight because I imagined one of the engines blowing up and wiping me off the face of the planet.

But it turns out all I had to do was relax! And you know the best was to relax? That’s right, getting laid.

The “mile high club” is the stuff of legends. For many, it is nothing more than a fantasy, and for a brave few, it is an achievement they’ll never forget.

Just like this couple, who got caught in the act:

But how do you – logistically – get away with having sex on a plane? And is it even feasible?

In order to get an answer to many of those burning questions we all want to ask, the Huffington Post recently spoke to 22-year flight attendant, Jenna Leigh, who divulged everything we’ve ever wanted to know about the mile high club:

HP: Fifteen percent of people admitted to having sex on a plane in a recent Jetsetter and Travel and Leisure survey. From your experience, is it really that common? 

JL: I’ve worked for one carrier for over two decades. We’ve been bought out several times over the years and are now one of the largest airlines in the world. Let’s just say I’ve caught several couples in the lavatories over the years and many couples “going the extra mile” in their seats. 

HP: What’s the protocol for handling it as crew? I’ve read that airlines usuallydon’t address the subject during flight attendant training.

JL: Most of the time, if we see something going on and it’s not affecting anyone, we let it be ― and then high-five the couple afterwards. Just kidding. Honestly, I don’t think we have anything that specifically addresses it in our manuals. Fornication is frowned upon in the air if the seat belt sign is on, but ultimately it’s up to the discretion of the crew on board on how to deal with it.