Having some discomfort from your monthly period is normal, but being in so much pain that you need to vomit, pass out, and have to miss days of work is not. Sadly, many women suffer from extreme pain each month and have great difficulty finding a doctor who will do anything for them.

This was the case for one woman named Calle Hack who went to five doctors and suffered for 17 years before finally being told the cause of her agonizing pain was a very serious and strange condition.

What was growing inside her body would be dubbed a “little monster”.

“My periods came in like a wrecking ball every month from the time I was 15 — painful bouts of dry heaving, blacking out, and intense inflammation were typical on the first day of my cycle,” Hack explained.

After finally finding a gynecologist who would listen to her, she underwent an ultrasound and what was discovered inside was shocking. One of Hack’s ovaries had been completely consumed by a growing ball containing teeth, hair, and bones!