When it comes to choosing a tattoo design, it’s important to put a lot of thought into it. Whatever you decide on it going to be with you for life. Perhaps this is why I personally don’t have any. There’s nothing I want on my body forever.

Of course, it could also be that I had quite a few friends go for those trendy lower back tats and tribal armbands back in the early noughties. Tattoos should never follow trends because now they all just look outdated.

What about tattoos on other places on the body, such as the eyeballs or the inside of the mouth? Is that too far?

Tattoos and bad decisions go hand-in-hand. But do you think this guy went too far with his tattoos?

Then there are the people who just make bad decisions. Have you heard about Ben Affleck’s massive phoenix back tattoo? He tried to lie and say it’s fake for a film role when fans spotted him shirtless on the beach. But when it was spotted again years later, Affleck embarrassingly had to come clean.

However, sometimes it’s not the design but the location of a tattoo that was a bad decision. Case in point, one woman from Leicester in the UK claims that her chest tattoo has made her undatable.