As we grow older, many family members move away from one another, and it can be tough celebrating milestones and holidays without them. Moira D’Silva had moved to Spain and was planning to celebrate her 67th birthday without her beloved son, who lives in the UK.

Her friends had all gathered for a surprise birthday dinner to try and make her day as special as possible. However, what she wasn’t expecting was that her friends and her son had orchestrated one heck of an additional surprise.

Moira’s son, Brenton D’Silva, had actually flown to Spain in secret and was waiting outside the dining room, with a video camera, to surprise his mother. At the perfect moment, he walked in and Moira nearly fell to the floor in shock!

To see the whole heartwarming surprise go down, check out the video below. It’s guaranteed to make you smile, but be warned, you may need a few tissues for those happy tears I know you’ll shed!

She shouted “Oh my God!” and wrapped her arms around Brenton, showering him with kisses.

It was an incredibly sweet and heartwarming moment that I’m sure Moira will consider one of her best birthday gifts of all time.