Wild animals are unpredictable and, unless they are in a zoo with a protective barrier between you and them, it’s best to keep your distance. Case in point, a man in India has lost his life attempting to take a selfie with a bear.

And now the disturbing footage from the incident has also emerged. The bear thrashed the man’s body around as onlookers watched from a safe distance, powerless to do anything to stop the mighty animal.

If you want to watch the horrific bear attack, click the video below. But be warned, it contains graphic content:

The victim was identified in the local media as Prabhu Bhatara. He had been driving a group of people home from a wedding when he stopped to relieve himself. He pulled over his SUV near a wooded area in the eastern Indian state of Odisha last Wednesday evening.

That’s when he noticed an injured bear lurking nearby. Instead of hurrying back to his vehicle, he decided to take a selfie with the animal, but, as he approached, the bear’s instincts took over and it attacked Bhatara.

Those who he had been driving say they warned Bhatara against taking the selfie, but he insisted and got too close to the wild animal. The bear chased Bhatara before capturing him and taking his life.