Being a fulltime Instagram model seems like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to be famous for taking selfies and having legions of international fans tell you how hot you are every day?

But, according to one Insta-famous model, the fame and fortune come with a heavy emotional toll.

Thirty-two-year-old Amanda Lee has been gaining Instagram followers since her first post back in 2014. The sexy personal trainer now has 11.2 million followers thanks to her scantily clad fitness-focused posts.

Want to check out one of Amanda’s workout videos for yourself? Or perhaps you just want to see her amazing butt in action? Well, you’re in luck, we’ve got one of her very fit and sexy videos below:

“Fitness is sexy,” Amanda revealed when speaking to Cosmopolitan. “When I realized sexier photos got more likes, I was enticed by the attention.” She has now become obsessed with taking the perfect self-portraits and works with her mother, her main photographer, to get just the right angles, lighting, and looks.

She uses apps like Facetune to make herself appear flawless and obsesses over every detail before a new post is added to her Instagram. Her best shots can get up to 6000 likes, and her effort is paying off. Amanda claims she makes a salary in the high six figures from her Instagram presence alone.

She posts ads on her account for up to $20,000 apiece and has gained numerous fitness clients who pay $350 per hour for personal training. However, all of her devotion to her online presence has burnt Amanda out.

“Once I got all the followers, I reevaluated things — like, is this really me?” she explained. “For my mental health, I don’t want to get so wrapped up in perfection. I want to be more confident in myself without trying so hard.”