Being different can make life incredibly difficult, especially in areas of the world that are yet to be touched by modernization. There are few people who understand this better than Ashfaq and Mushtaq Khan, two brothers who were both born with a rare genetic condition which has caused them to be ostracized by their local community.

The two boys, who have been born and raised in the small village of Rampur in India’s Madhya Pradesh region, were born with Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (HED).

The rare condition, which is thought to affect one in every 17,000 people, reduces the body’s ability to sweat making it difficult for sufferers to regulate their body’s temperature.

It also changes their voice. Listen to how it makes them sound here as they explain their story…

Not only that, but the condition also causes those affected to lack body hair and teeth. It is this element of the condition which has caused the Khan brothers the most pain, because as a result of their unique appearance they have been subjected to cruel comments from children at school which has made their life quite unbearable.

“Me and my brother are considered as ghost in school. Our classmates do not play with us, in fact, they call us names. We do not want to continue our study. We feel humiliated in school,” explains 11-year-old Ashfaq.