Nudes are an unavoidable part of millennial life. In fact, they tend to be a cornerstone of any fledgling relationship, and for couples who have been together for a long time, they’re a good way to spice things up or keep themselves satisfied when they can’t physically be together.

Like all things in life, there’s a downside to nudes. Speaking as a female millennial, I’ve experienced the horror of receiving unsolicited d**k pics on one too many occasions and had to deal with the frustration of being pestered for nudes I didn’t want to send.

To see some of the most hilariously creative nude requests ever made, check out the video below:

Nudes are particularly dangerous territory for famous faces. With so many skilled hackers around, far too many of them have fallen victim to leaks.

Worse still is the invention of advanced computer-generated adult entertainment which is capable of photoshopping anyone’s face into an explicit movie or a nude.

Can you imagine discovering you’d stared in explicit material without actually remembering it happening? That’s a reality for some people, especially celebrities.

But it turns out that not everyone is that into nudes. Some couples actually prefer to be more innovative and hilarious with their intimate exchanges, which is why the following Tweet has gone viral.