Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness is one of the most difficult things a person can go through in their life.  But just imagine being a small, vulnerable child and having to contend with something as debilitating and terrifying as cancer.

Well, last summer, one seven-year-old girl’s world came tumbling down when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer in her left leg.

Learn more about the inspiring story in the video below:

Her name is Amelia Eldred, she is from Staffordshire in England, and as an aspiring dancer, she was absolutely devastated by the prospect that this would prevent her from doing what she loved most. The young cancer patient had dreams of making it big on the stage one day, but unfortunately, cancer in this part of the body usually calls for a leg amputation.

Taking into consideration that an amputation above the knee would essentially sacrifice Amelia’s knee joint which plays a huge role in the operation of a prosthetic leg, doctors tried to devise a way around this.

So in January 2018, when the surgeons removed her thigh bone, which had been infected by the cancer, they decided to save her lower leg.