Most of us have probably wondered what it would be like to have an identical twin at some point in our lives. Just imagine – if your twin was better than you at maths at school, well, you could just get them to sit your exam on your behalf. Sometimes it really does take two.

It’s often said that identical twins are particularly in synch with each other, something which these identical ballet dancers have epically proven. In a video which was recently posted to YouTube, the twins dance their way into the hearts of people around the world.

To see the incredible footage for yourself, check out the video below:

A little-known fact about identical twins is that their numbers are actually increasing. This is in part the result of the increased use of IVF, which makes twin and multiple births more common. From 1980 to 2009, the number of identical twins born rose by 76 percent.

While identical twins might look like exact replicas of each other, this is not entirely the case and they do have unique fingerprints.

Aside from fertility treatments, a woman’s likelihood of conceiving identical twins also increases if she’s over the age of 30 and consumes a lot of dairy products. So if you’d like to have twin dancers of your own, don’t feel guilty about ordering that extra cheese you’re craving.

I think we can all sum up our reaction to this video by echoing the sentiment of a YouTube commenter who simply wrote, “wow”.