When it comes to raising children in this day and age, parents tend to use lavish gifts and the latest gadgets in order to keep them occupied or to bribe them into being on their “best behavior”. However, this style of parenting pretty much always backfires as it only fuels the kids’ desire for unnecessary yet hugely expensive items.

Ultimately, children who are accustomed to the sort of lifestyle where they get whatever they want, regardless of the price tag, will end up developing an insatiable need for it. Their demands are often unreasonable and the thing is, they’ll be so swept up in their lifestyle that nothing can convince them that their need for such items is unjustified.

That’s exactly the situation that Nina, mom to 15-year-old Nicolette, found herself in after years of spoiling her daughter beyond belief.

The high maintenance teenager, from Beverly Hills, is now claiming that she is being forced to live like a “peasant” after her mother reduced her allowance from $5,000 a month to $1,000:

Fifteen-year-old Nicolette Nina on the Dr. Phil. show in order to argue her case that she should receive $2,500 a month, at the very least, because her mom “works all the time” and doesn’t tend to her needs. “I want my mom to understand that I can’t live off $1,000 a month, and I grew up on a certain lifestyle. She can’t just take that away from me immediately,” she told Dr. Phil in the dramatic episode.

Before appearing on the show, Nicolette told the cameras that her mom allowed her to have everything she ever wanted and this included a driver, a nanny, personal trainers and “amazing schools”. “It’s the only life I’ve ever known,” she admitted.