If you thought your family was messy, then it may be quite refreshing for you to meet the Markles. Of course, their issues are slightly different to the majority of the population.

Whilst your family is quarreling over a game of Monopoly, the Markles are getting down and dirty over the society wedding of the year – an event that none of them are invited to, despite the star of the show being their blood relative.

Meghan Markle is due to marry Prince Harry on May 19, in a star-studded ceremony at Windsor Castle. Whilst details of the day have been kept a closely guarded secret, it has become common knowledge that the Markles won’t be present on the day.

Listen to Meghan’s half-sister reveal some explosive secrets about the bride-to-be…

Whilst Meghan hasn’t acknowledged this decision herself, just about every member of her extended and estranged family have. Clearly offended by the snub, they have sold their story to just about every national newspaper in an attempt to get the duchess-to-be to change her mind.

The fact that a majority of them haven’t had any contact with the Suits star since 2011, seems only a minor factor in their destructive plans.