When most people hear the word grandma, they think of an old woman with a wrinkled face and white hair. The last things that people associate with these matriarchal figures are flawless skin, ample assets, a perky behind.

But that’s a reality for this extremely glamorous grandma-of-one and single mom-of-four, Gina Stewart. In fact, she looks so young that she’s regularly mistaken for a woman half her age (and probably Pamela Anderson).

So what exactly is her secret? Check out the video below to find out:

The 47-year-old previously claimed to have never had botox, but now she’s admitted that she’s had fillers. However, she has insisted that their effects wore off a long time ago and that her youthful appearance is entirely natural.

She’s the proud holder of the “Miss Maxim” crown, which she beat countless younger women to win.

Now she’s sharing her secrets in a bid to help other women who want to look youthful for longer.

Despite her age and having had so many children, Gina says that she’s not got a single grey hair or stretch mark.