For any dog owner, there is always a part of you that hopes when the going gets tough, your pooch will come to your rescue. The reality is, that no matter how many biscuit treats you give your canine companion, the chances are, they’ll be running faster than you in the opposite direction when trouble strikes.

It’s that classic fight or flight reaction that all creatures have, so you can hardly blame your dog for cowering in the corner when they see an unfamiliar face in the house, or if they act the opposite way and attack.

Luckily for nine-year-old Shane Shafer, his pitbull opted for the latter option when an intruder wearing a ski mask forced his way into his family home.

Here Shane explains what happened and how Baby Girl may have saved his life…

Shane had been left home alone when the incident occurred, making it especially nervewracking for the schoolboy.

Luckily, Baby Girl was there to protect him without hesitation as the unidentified man edged threateningly close.

The motives of the intruder, who was wearing a ski mask when he entered the Shafer family home in Nebraska, remain unclear. However, based upon Shane’s recollection of the events, it would appear that his intentions may not have been to steal anything material, but Shane himself.

According to Shane, the man came towards him without any regard for the valuables in the house. A strange tactic for a chance thief.

After Baby Girl launched into her attack, the man fled the house before jumping into a silver car and driving away.

Shane then ran to his neighbor’s house for refuge where he phoned 911 and recounted his close call.

It was then that Shane’s mother returned from the school run and discovered what had happened. The situation was every mother’s worst nightmare, but thankfully, Baby Girl had protected her son when she wasn’t there to do it herself.

As a reward for her bravery and selflessness, Baby Girl was spoilt with several snacks! With positive reinforcement like that, there is no doubt that Baby Girl will always be there to protect Shane!