There are plenty of things that a parent would be distraught to learn about their child: that they had become embroiled in a lifestyle of drugs and excessive partying, that they had abandoned their own kids, or that they had lied and cheated their way through life.

But finding out their child is suffering from a serious, life-threatening illness is probably any parent’s worst nightmare.

And so when Hanna Dickenson told her parents, back in 2013, that if she didn’t receive vital overseas treatment, she would be dead in a matter of weeks, they promised her they’d do everything in their power to get her the medical help she needed.

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Hanna explained to her parents that she had been diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma and was not responding well to the treatment she had been receiving at the Epworth and Peter MacCallum hospitals.

They were struggling farmers, and so didn’t have the means to help financially but they couldn’t just sit back and their then-19-year-old daughter’s cancer send her into an early grave.

Her parents, from Swan Hill in Australia, made it their mission to put their teenage daughter firmly on the road to recovery.

They decided if they were not in the position to help her receive potentially life-saving treatment, they would turn to their friends for help.