As we develop from teenagers to young adults, there are a lot of hugely significant and monumental milestones to look forward to. For instance, your graduation from high school or college, your first legal drink at the bar and, of course, the moment you get your driver’s license.

Unfortunately, for some people, passing their test can seem like an unachievable feat. This might be because their instructor insists on the student taking yet more expensive lessons or simply because they keep failing their test.

However, sometimes other obstacles are thrown in your path when you’re mere moments from being a legal driver.

Watch popular YouTuber, HeyParis recalls her experience with a “Driving instructor from hell”:

And unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have nightmare tales involving their driving instructor:

One 19-year-old college student from Northamptonshire in England, experienced just this but instead of wallowing in self-pity, he did something about it.