Emergency rooms are tense places. No one wants to be there, and there is nothing to do but wait until it’s your turn to be seen, regardless of how much pain you’re in. As a result, tempers can fray, but rarely do outbursts come from medical staff themselves.

But shocking footage has now emerged of police tasering a nurse at a Tennesse hospital. It features 42-year-old Roger W. Davis whose mother was being treated at the ER in question. The police were called after he was being disruptive to staff members there.

To see why the police tasered Davis, check out the video below:

According to the officers in the video, when they arrived at the hospital, Davis was talking to his father. They asked him to speak more quietly out of respect to the other people waiting to be treated, but when he refused, they subsequently asked him to leave.

Davis then reportedly assaulted the officers, giving them no option but to taser him, Nurse.org reports.

Ethan Raymond, who filmed the video above, said Davis told the police he “had a heart condition.”

The police told Davis to put his hands behind his back and threatened him with the taser when he didn’t comply. He still refused, so they tasered him, despite potentially triggering his heart condition. He screamed in pain as he fell to the floor.

He was subsequently arrested and taken to jail charged with two counts of assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Despite the officers’ claims that Davis assaulted them, however, a witness has spoken out in his defense saying that it was a cop who was the “aggressor” and “hit (Davis) in the face”.

“It’s the other way around.”