Relationships come in all different shapes and sizes. One of the reasons why the first few months of any promising union are exciting is because you’re still getting to know your partner and the kinks and quirks which make them unique, but, admittedly, few people are into DDLG.

“What is DDLG?” I hear you ask. It’s an acronym for a Daddy Dom, Little Girl relationship, which is a subset of the BDSM community that involves one partner playing the role of a little girl and another pretending to be her daddy. While this can be sexual, this is not a prerequisite.

To discover more about DDLG and the rules which make a little girl good, check out the video below:


One couple who engage in a DDLG relationship are 20-year-old “Little” Max and her 31-year-old “daddy” Johnny from Kentucky.

Their DDLG relationship is non-sexual and is centered around a number of rules which see Max get time out in the naughty corner if she doesn’t obey.

Even though DDLG involves acting like a child, Max insists that she is still a capable adult, who pays her own bills and does her own taxes.

To shed light on their unusual relationship, Max and Johnny allowed themselves to be interviewed by Barcroft TV. In the interview, Max explains how she got into DDLG and introduced the practice into her relationship with Max, happily showing off her extensive pacifier collection.

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