Most little girls dream of becoming princesses, and for one or two of them, it actually becomes a reality. Kate Middleton was rumored to have a poster of Prince William in her bedroom as a child, and Meghan Markle, well, she dressed up as one and visited Buckingham Palace.

Until November 2017, Prince Harry, though in a serious relationship, was still technically a free man, then he announced that he was marrying the 36-year-old Suits star, crushing countless hearts around the world with the knowledge that the Playboy Prince was finally off the market.

Want to know why Meghan will make a perfect princess? Then you have to check out the video below:

While becoming a princess is a coveted dream, life in the spotlight definitely isn’t for everyone. In fact, Prince Harry was looking for a woman who had some idea of what fame felt like, which made Meghan a perfect candidate when they were introduced by a mutual friend in 2016.

But what was life like for the divorced American actress before Prince Harry and Suits? Well, these photographs provide a good insight…

1. Meghan dressed up as a princess as a child

Who’d have thought that one day it would become a reality?

2. Meghan and a friend at school in California

It really is a world away from Prince Harry’s upbringing in London.

3. The class of 1993

In case you’re wondering, Meghan is the girl to the left in the white dress.

4. She’s always been a natural in front of a camera

I wonder if she and Harry will visit any theme parks together if they haven’t already.