Homelessness is an epidemic in the modern world. The rich/poor divide is growing with every passing day, and as a result, many talented and potentially valuable members of society find themselves without a roof over their heads and hope for the future.

In the US alone, 553,742 people found themselves homeless on one night in 2017 – a reflection of the fact that the average hourly wage has barely increased in decades. However, some homeless people do get lucky, and Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was one of them.

To see how a chance encounter with a young woman changed his life forever, check out the video below:

For homeless people, it’s easy to give up on life, but Raimundo kept himself going for years by writing poetry. It gave him a purpose, even though he knew that the tens of thousands of words he penned on scrap paper would never see the light of day. Or so he thought.

One fateful day in 2011, a woman named Shalla Monteiro decided to speak to him, and he gave her a piece of paper with one of his poems on it. She was so impressed with the quality of his writing that she decided to share it on Facebook and the rest, as they say, is history.

To help give Raimundo a platform to share his work, Shalla set a Facebook page up for him. This not only led to his long-lost brother getting in touch and him finally getting off the streets after 35 years, but him gaining thousands of fans around the world.

Fast forward seven years and Raimundo is now a published poet. What is more is that he and Shalla remain good friends to this day.

While on the streets, the now 79-year-old wrote words which anyone in a bad situation can relate to, regardless of whether they are homeless or not: “Wretched is the man who abandons himself!”

Raimundo’s words and story are a testament to the fact that you should never give up in life. You never know who you will meet, or how they could change your life forever in the most unexpected way.