It has been five years since the final episode of Dexter hit our television screens and not a day has gone by that we haven’t yearned for the return of our unlikely hero.

Dexter Morgan dominated television sets around the globe from 2006 to 2013, bringing crime, drama, mystery and unconventional comedy into the homes of millions of people.

It’s a show which, on paper, should never have worked. A serial killer, living in the tropics of Miami, murdering people to benefit society whilst working for the local police department’s crime unit. It sounds like a recipe for a complete commercial flop. But, like all the best shows which have ever aired, it was this unorthodox premise which made it a cult classic.

Need some help remembering what happened? Why not let this jog your memory…

During its eight seasons, the alternative show collected 23 nominations at the Emmy Awards, with Michael C. Hall taking home the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series five years on the trot for his portrayal of the socially inept Dexter.

Of course, the show caused a great deal of controversy when it first aired, particularly with parents who deemed the show’s subject matter to be too dark for their children to have easy access to. There were also those who believed that it was wrong to encourage audiences to empathize with a serial killer and hope for him to never be captured by the authorities.