The tech world took a huge hit in 2011 when Apple’s enigmatic founder and CEO died following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Whilst Jobs’ 56 years of life are best defined by his success with Apple, it is easy to overlook that he was also a father to four.

Of course, the only child that Jobs is notable for is the one he conceived in his childhood home as a teenager with Steve Wozniak: Apple.

Apple would become Job’s main focus for the rest of his life, so much so that when he conceived a real child with his high school girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan, at 23-years-old he refused to acknowledge the baby as his.

Despite a paternity test proving conclusively that he was Lisa’s father, Jobs would go on to deny it for several more years whilst bizarrely paying Chrisann child support – Jobs became a millionaire the same year Lisa was born and a multi-millionaire a year later.

Jobs relationship with Lisa has been a prominent focus for many of his critics and supporters over the years. In fact, his refusal to accept Lisa as his daughter was the main premise of the 2015 film, Steve Jobs, in which Michael Fassbender plays the eccentric entrepreneur as he begins to finally acknowledge the nine-year-old.

Whilst Jobs’s relationship with Lisa is well-known, and his turbulent time as head of Apple are well-documented, very few people know that he had a further three children.

After meeting Laurene Powell in 1989 and falling hopelessly in love, Jobs’s extended his family. The couple’s first child, Reed Paul Jobs was born in September 1991, a few months after the couple married. Four years later, Powell gave birth to Erin and then finally in 1998, Eve.

Due to Jobs Powells’ secretive nature, their three children remain concealed from the limelight. In fact, they’re so under the radar that you could simply walk past them on a street in California and not even notice. However, you may now recognize 19-year-old Eve, for the blonde beauty has recently caused a stir online.

The teen, who is currently studying at Stanford University, isn’t shy when it comes to sharing her life online. Just like any regular student, she loves to upload snaps showing her daily life. However, she isn’t any regular teen.

Other than being the daughter of the late Jobs, one of the world’s richest and most famous men, Eve is also a highly skilled equestrian.

Amusingly, she often competes at high profile events against the daughter of her late father’s rival, Bill Gates. Other competitors include Jessica Springsteen, the daughter of singer Bruce Springsteen and Destry Spielberg, the daughter of film director Steven Spielberg.

So dedicated is Eve to the sport that her mother purchased a $15 million ranch in Florida so that the youngster could train – a small buy considering Eve, her mother and siblings are worth a staggering $20.1 billion, according to Forbes.

Not only that, but according to Steve Jobs’ official biographer, the tech genius was in no doubt that it would be his youngest daughter who’d one day run Apple.

The future looks bright for Eve, especially if her Instagram feed is anything to go by! Luxury yachts, expensive horses and exclusive parties, she really is living the dream – we bet her father would be proud!