Mental health problems are an epidemic. While there is increased awareness of how to best treat a person having a psychiatric episode, it is difficult to know for sure if you are acting in the right way or not. Case in point, this bipolar man who tried to drown himself.

Police were called to the pool at the Riverside Apartments in Fairfax County, Virginia, in May 2016 because an employee was acting bizarrely. The entire incident was captured by a guest and shows 23-year-old Polish man Mateusz Fijalkowski attempt to take his own life.

To see the police watch Fijalkowski drown and prevent a lifeguard from saving him, check out the video below:

In the footage featured above Fijalkowski – the man in red shorts – can be seen staring at the pool while being watched by a number of officers.

He then slowly descends the steps into the water and wades into the middle of the pool before going under.

He spends more than two minutes under the water before the onlooking police officers decide to take action.