Dementia is one of the most common ailments affecting the older generation, with one in 14 people over the age of 65 developing the condition. Speaking as a former care home worker, its effects can vary from mild forgetfulness to not knowing who you are anymore.

Because the disease affects so many people, it’s important that we as a society are as understanding as possible so that those with dementia do not feel alienated or distressed by its effects. That’s why this very unique pop-up restaurant in Japan is such a fantastic idea.

To discover what makes it unique, check out the video below:

Dubbed The Restaurant of Order Mistakes, this is a pop-up restaurant like no other because all of the waiters and waitresses have dementia.

Admittedly, receiving the wrong order at a traditional restaurant is one of the worst things that can happen to a diner, especially if you’re hungry, but here, it’s all a part of the fun, and, let’s face it, you can’t exactly get annoyed at the staff because it’s not their fault.

Located in Tokyo’s Toyosu district, its owners revealed to Yahoo News that The Restaurant of Order Mistakes was created to improve people’s understanding of dementia. However, that’s not all that this restaurant has going for it…