No one likes sweaty feet, but for 30-year-old Annette, her constantly wet and stinky feet are causing her a lot more than a bit of embarrassment. Her feet are so sweaty that they’re actually rotting!

Annette claims she’s suffered from the issue for 20 years and constantly needs to wear socks. She also goes through a brand new pair of shoes every four to six months because the moisture from her feet causes her shoes to rot and fall apart.

She visited television doctor Pixie McKenna as part of the TV show Embarrassing Bodies to try and get some help and it was determined that her feet were covered in bacteria and fungi, which directly contributed to her stinky, peeling, putrifying feet.

Check out the video below to get a look for yourself and see what the doctor prescribed.

Many of us feel unbearable embarrassment if our feet are a little smelly after getting back from the gym, so you can only imagine how much of a struggle day-to-day life was for Annette.

After a lab analysis and prescribed treatment, Annette’s feet are not cured but are now on the mend. They are rotting less and a strong course of antibiotics has helped to keep the smelly bacteria away. She has also been using an iontophoresis machine in an attempt to control her excessive sweating.

She says her feet no longer split, bleed, or are as sore as they once were and she isn’t going through as many pairs of shoes, either. Annette hopes with the continued treatment she can cure the problem altogether and perhaps even buy some more revealing pairs of shoes in the future.