We have all been on the receiving end of a vengeful teacher. It doesn’t matter how well behaved you were, there will be one moment in the history of your education where you distinctly recall a teacher employing unnecessary cruelty in the classroom.

For example, teachers recently came together on Reddit to share stories of their most savage classroom stunts.

Evidently, teaching is a difficult job. But if anybody in any other profession tried to do something like this, they’d definitely be fired…

1. So long, farewell

“Gave him the extra point to pass because otherwise he’d have been back in my class the next year.” – @RosaPalms

2. Which one is the child?

“I had a piece of sh*t student that made fun of the disabled kid in class, stole from people, and just generally made the school experience harder for all her classmates. Her parents didn’t help, the principal got sick of her, and it was elementary school so there wasn’t much else available…”

“So I gave her the broken candy cane for the Christmas cards our class makes every year. And the lopsided Valentine cookie. And the squished milk carton for our marigold project. All year. She always got the crumpled, broken, worst option. Petty, unprofessional, but boy did it feel good at the time.” – @NotAnotherWhatever