Being in a long distance relationship is difficult, especially when one partner is in the military. I don’t envy those of you who have to say goodbye for months at a time, miss birthdays and holidays together, and worry until your partner comes home.

Although if a relationship can withstand all of that, then you know it’s really true love and those tearful reunions are all the more precious. However, one of these reunions did not go as expected for one Navy husband when he returned home.

Chris Daugherty returned home from a long six-month deployment eager to see his wife and three children. What he didn’t know was that his wife had a huge surprise for him. She was pregnant.

If you’d like to see the big moment and all of Chris’ reactions to discovering Natasha’s baby bump, check out the video below:

At first, she held a “Welcome Home Baby Daddy” sign over her growing baby bump, but then removed it as Chris was about to give her a kiss and he immediately pulled back. Shocked, he asked the bump was real considering his wife, Natasha, had kept the entire pregnancy a secret!