If you’re looking for some motivation to get in shape this summer, then look no further. Meet 19-year-old student Bonheur Ntwari who is currently making the internet go crazy with photos of his unbelievable v-tapered body.

He looks so incredible that people are accusing him of photoshopping himself in his online snaps, but it turns out that his muscle and perfect physique is 100% real.

Check out the video below to see Bonheur’s remarkable 100% natural body transformation:

His massive shoulders measure double that of his tiny waist, achieving a look that resembles wearing a corset. As a result, his body is being called “alien”.

Ntwari, who is from Brisbane, Australia, has now created the “Alien Age Athleticism” movement, which focuses on being different and standing out.

He said, “Many of us see differences as flaws but in the Alien Age family we embrace that, because after all, what’s the fun in looking like everyone else?”

“The athletes behind Alien Age are dedicated and driven young athletes ready to take over the fitness industry and spread positivity. I’m sure everyone out there could relate to at least one of our athletes which is why diversity is our first goal,” he continued.