Being a parent of a child with developmental disabilities or behavioral issues can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re not getting the proper support you need. Every parent wants their child to grow up with as few issues as possible, but unfortunately, if they are born with a disability, this can extremely tricky.

Milissa Davis knows what it is like caring for a child with special needs. Her son, Camden, is autistic and struggles with many “basic” tasks that others are able to perform with ease. As a result, of the additional struggles, Davis made sure she took extra time to help him succeed in as many areas as possible.

Learn more about the disgusting treatment Camden endured:

When Camden got a little older, his mother began exploring the various educational options available for a child like him. She simply wanted to give him the best chance in life. After much research, she found out about the Hope Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was instantly drawn to their educational programme and what they had to offer to children with conditions like autism.

After a brief meet and greet, Camden was enrolled in the academy, which is mostly made up of disabled students. Most of the students there have autism, Asperger’s syndrome, learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia and Down Syndrome.