If you’re a fan of the Street Fighter video games, then you’re well aware of who Chun-Li is. She’s the franchise’s first female fighter and is best known for her incredibly muscular physique, especially her sculpted legs.

While many Chun-Li cosplayers have come up with creative ways to simulate her toned body by adding breastplates and artificial muscles, no one has been able to capture her best feature: her exposed muscular legs, which boast quadriceps that are out of this world!

That is, until now.

Japanese “muscle idol” and professional wrestler, Reika Saiki captured the look the hard way. She hit the gym and through an impressive dedication to squats, presses, and lifts, has achieved the most incredible body and the most accurate Chun-Li cosplay.

Wearing Chun-Li’s iconic blue dress, she perfectly resembles the Street Fighter favorite. There’s no trickery involved when it comes to emulating the perfect fighter’s body. Those huge thighs and muscular calves are all real.