Is there anything worse than getting stuck in the friend zone? Dating is hard enough as it is, so when two people enjoy spending time together it can be hard to understand why it couldn’t become something more.

And I’ll admit, sometimes knowing whether or not a close friend likes you in a romantic way can be hard to decipher. One on one time can sometimes feel a lot like dating and without proper communication, it can be easy to get confused.

Case in point, this next guy found out the hard way on live television that his girlfriend was actually just his friend who happens to also be a girl. He doesn’t look too happy about it, either!

Check out the cringe-worthy moment for yourself in the video below:

The host asks the pair who seem to have obvious chemistry how long they’ve been together, to which the guy responds “six months”. It’s at this point the girl jumps in to correct the host and say they are just friends.

To make matters worse, she then announces for everyone to hear that she is single and only just a good friend, despite being rather flirty and touching the poor guy’s shoulders.

Here’s hoping he’s not too depressed about the whole embarrassing situation and moves on to someone who is a little less of a public heartbreaker.