President Donald Trump can be considered low hanging fruit when it comes to finding a comedic target. He’s long been the butt of late-night talk show hosts’ jokes and is the subject of internet memes galore. After all, he does supply a lot of fuel for that fire.

Just his insistence on maintaining the same unusual hairstyle for decades has created several photoshopped funny images and gifs that have gone viral. The one below came with a little help from Jimmy Fallon when he asked Donald Trump if he could see if his hair was real.

It turns out his hair totally is real, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from continuously commenting on Trump’s appearance. The President is no stranger to social media, with Twitter being a favorite of his, so it’s no surprise he’s taken quite a bit of offense to many of the viral jokes taken at his expense.

However, the latest viral image that’s surely enraging the American President wasn’t intended to at all. While it does have to do with Trump’s appearance, he is not actually featured in the image that’s currently spreading rapidly across social media.

This isn’t the first time a trump lookalike has caused a stir. Check out this guy getting up to all sorts on the streets of Manhattan:

The viral image, which is hashtagged #SenoraTrump is actually of a Spanish potato farmer. The photo was an innocent picture taken by a visiting journalist, but upon uploading it to her Instagram account, the internet quickly noticed the resemblance to Donald Trump, despite the farmer being a woman!