Everyone had to start somewhere, and that includes the hottest and most beautiful celebrities today. Once upon a time, before they all the fame and outrageous paychecks, they had their first headshots taken in an attempt to break into the entertainment business, and many of them weren’t yet so hot or beautiful.

Case in point, recognize the guy below? I’ll give you a hint. He’s now better known as a bespectacled late night talk show host with a penchant for politics.

Yup! That’s right, it’s Stephen Colbert posing for his very first headshot. He could totally be the boy next door, couldn’t he? In fact, he slightly resembles my old high school boyfriend and that guy is definitely not a Hollywood superstar funnyman today!

Thanks to the social media hashtag #OldHeadShotDay, many celebrities are sharing their oldest and most embarrassing headshots for all to see. Many were just wee babies when they started out in Hollywood, while others just looked like they needed a makeover.

Regardless, take a look at these celebrity headshots from before they were famous. I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. Apparently, makeup and botox do wonders!

1. Reese Witherspoon

So cute! But why the parasol?

2. Emma Watson

Totally rocking that pink hat, though.

3. Melissa McCarthy

Oh my gosh, I’m dying! The tiny cowboy hat!

4. Joe Manganiello

They say men only get better with age, but you have to admit he’s still totally hot back then.

5. Busy Phillips

Was the haircut a punishment or no?

6. Leslie Jones

WWWD: What would Whoopi do?

Fan of Modern Family? Then you’ve got to check out number seven…